Why is Unitex one of the best wool fabric manufacturers for your choice?

wool fabric manufacturers

Wool fabric manufacturers

Unitex is among the best wool fabric manufacturers  that make all kind of  wool fabrics and provide wool fabric wholesale service as well. We are going to have to talk about wool coating fabric in this post and its advantages.

wholesale wool suppliers
wool fabric wholesale

As one of the most experienced wool fabric suppliers in China, Unitex has been engaged in the wool fabric industry for 20 years. Unitex

makes the wool fabric from wool raw material to the finished wool or woolen fabrics.

Unitex makes a lot of wool coating fabrics such as double face wool fabric,boiled wool coating fabric, wool checks, melton wool fabrics, wool tweed fabric and etc. There are different coat weight wool fabric styles which meet different customer requirements.

Unitex makes  around 2million meters of woolen fabrics a year and approximately 2000 tons of wool yarns in different quality. As one of the best wool fabric suppliers, We make high quality stocks of double face wool fabric like below

wool fabric suppliers
wool coating fabric

Since people like wool coating fabric so much, We kept a lot of wool fabric in stock in different styles. You could find 100% wool coating fabric, 80% wool fabric  or 30% woolen coating fabric from us. The wool material could vary from merino wool to mohair wool fiber or Alpaca wool fiber.  Of course, You could also custom make the wool coating fabric with the wool fabric suppliers, We do think We are the best wool fabric manufacturer choice for you.

wool fabric manufacturer
wool coating fabric-2


wool fabric supplier

As a professional wool fabric manufacturer, Unitex provides ready wool coating fabric for sales.The main stock ready wool coating fabric collections we have is 100% wool double face fabric, 80% double face wool fabric, 50% double face wool face fabric and other wool blend fabric for coats.  Besides such wool coating fabric, we have also wool mohair fabric, alpaca wool fabric, cashmere wool fabric as well.

wool fabric manufacturers-2
100% wool coating fabric

100% double face wool fabric is the typical wool coating fabric model for making over coats. The hand feeling touching is so soft and perfect for wearing. The wool fabric manufacturers keeps ready stock fabric in five colors such as camel, navy, red, black and white. Unitex sells a lot of such wool coating fabric and is one of the biggest wool fabric manufacturers in China.

wool fabric manufacturers
alpaca wool fabric-38

Alpaca wool fabric is another wool fabric collection which is popular in China and all over the world. 30% alpaca wool fabric is the most popular model in China. And Unitex is the most alpaca wool fabric manufacturer in China.You can buy bulk orders or the wool fabric by the yard from them as you will.



wool coating fabric wholesale
wool coating fabric wholesale


     Wool wholesale suppliers

The wool fabric suppliers in China keep a lot of stock wool coating fabric to make sure the in time delivery when the busy garment making season comes. From the wool fabric structure, there is woven wool fabric and knitting wool fabric. Most of the wool coating fabrics are woven wool structure. it is hard to find the right wool fabric supplier or wool fabric manufacturer in China, you can trust Unitex is the best wool manufacturer choice for you.

wool manufacturer
wool coating fabric-2


Besides being the wool wholesale supplier, Unitex is one of the best knitting wool manufacturers in China.

knitting wool manufacturers
knitting wool
fabric manufacturers

   How does the wool manufacturers or wool suppliers making the coating fabric.

The wool fibres in raw material vary more in diameter and length. The wool manufacturers make the Wool yarn of different spec to get different weight yarn to make different weight wool  fabric as well. The thicker yarnis used to make thick,heavyweight woven or knitted wool fabrics. These wool coating fabrics are ideal for winter jackets or sweaters.

Blending the rawng material wool tops

Blending the wool top which normally occur at early-stage process which combines wool raw material from different bales to make sure the resultant top or fibers as even and uniform as possible across all characteristics throughout its entire length.

Scouring the wool tops

Before wool raw material can be processed into yarn spinning, the wool manufacturers have to  wash and scour it to remove the defects the from the raw fibre including:

  • Dirt grass
  • Wool wax oil
  • Salts from sheep sweat
  • Non-wool protein material and other skinpieces.

Carbonising if needed.

Sometimes there is more dirty things in the wool raw materials, the wool suppliers have to do the carbonising process to get rid of the dirty grass or skin pcs inside.


Woollen spinning/Dyeing

The wool suppliers could take different way to make the wool coating fabrics such fiber dyeing before the yarn spinning or yarn dyeing after yarn spinning. The wool fabric suppliers even could do the piece dyeing for the blank wool fabrics. Different wool coating fabric quality required differernt fabric making workmanship.



The wool fabric supplier make the wool fabric in knitting or weaving. The knitting wool manufacturers just knit the fabric in the right quality as per client requirement with knitting machines. While Weaving is the process of interlacing warp and weft wool yarns in the weaving machines.Knitting wool fabric could be streched well if the knitting wool manufacturers put the spandex inside. The weaving wool fabric is mainly for wool coating fabric purpose.

wool manufacturers-11
wool check fabric


  Best wool fabric manufacturer and supplier in China.

Eventually, Unitex is best wool fabric supplier chocie for you if you need wool coating fabrics for your project. You could check with the wool fabric suppliers for your fabric styles. Or you can ask the wool fabric suppliers to custom make the right wool quality fabric for you.And if you need ready stock fabric shippments, just contact the wool suppliers for the color cards they have. Anyway, contact Unitex, you are connecting the right hand and right wool manufacturer for your fabric projects. They will make your job happen with the best service .

wool fabric suppliers-9
wool fabric manufacturers-9



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