Where can we find good quality wool suit fabric suppliers or manufacturers?

wool suit fabric suppliers


Benefits of wool suit fabric or worsted wool fabric.

Wool suiting fabric is non-invasive to the skin.

The wool suit is soft and gentle. It is nicely made to go well together with any type of skin.

Made from the natural animal fur, wool does not contain any harmful or allergic chemicals that can affect the skin. Some wearers might notice that the wool is thin enough so that it is very convenient to wear it for hours without having any hassles of fuss.

Merino wool suiting fabric has 100 strands per square inch. Luxurious and soft feelings are guaranteed when you wear merino wool for a long time as you are doing your activity out there.

wool suiting fabric supplier
wool suiting fabric

Wool suiting fabric is Warm and convenient.

Wool suit fabrics can make you survive and stay great this winter. Wool clothing is prevalent for the winter apparel because of its great quality of insulation perks. When the wearers wear the wool, the insulation granted by the wool can slow down the heat transfer so that it will retain the heat longer than other materials. The heat will remain trapped under the wool suit fabrics for a long time out there.Since the heat remains to stay under the clothing, one can wear more dress shirts.

Wool suit fabrics is mold-proof.

The wool clothing is mold resistant. Since it takes less water, the wool environment won’t be friendly for the mold to grow. They need more water to grow and survive. The wool suit fabric is resistant to the mold so that the users can use it for a long time.

wool suiting fabric manufacturer
wool suiting fabric-2

worsted wool fabric is Lightweight.

Despite the high level of the warmth and good protection that it offers, the wool suits are not heavy. In fact, the wool suits tend to be less heavy than other fabrics such as cotton, etc.

In the market, the weights of the wool will depend on the types of the wool.

For instance, premium wool is mostly lighter than the low-end wool. The premium costs more than the standard or low-end wool, but indeed offers much better performances and quality of the wool. The lightweight of the premium wool suits is indeed the top perk which can be beneficial towards users who need to wear convenient clothing on a regular basis. That’s why the premium wool is often top notch choices for 9-5 employees who are working in the workday and commute routinely.

worsted wool fabric supplier
worsted wool fabric

Worsted wool fabric is not easy to catch the fire.

On certain occasions, experts had proven that the wool suit is less likely to catch the fire. According to the experts, wool tends to have more combustion points than other fabrics. That means it would need to take the hotter temperature to make the wool catch fire.

And when it is burned, it produces less heat than other fabrics. In such emergency situations, wool can give a slight fire protection, making the wearers easier to tackle the severe problem.

Wool brings the suit fabric luxury quality effect.

The wool suiting fabric is one of the keys to amazing style and appearance. The fabric choice can really define the quality of your boutique product. Depending on how you’d target your customers, the wool suiting fabric is a great option for the luxury event or even the daily uses.

Here are the traits of the wool which we might see less in the other fabrics offered in the market out there.

worsted wool fabric manufacturer
worsted wool fabric-2

Breathable fabric.

Most of the consumers do not like to get sweaty when attending their special event. But they also want to survive in the winter until last. They will need versatile fabric which can sooth them in the hot days, and warm them in the colder ones. Wool has such great breathability for making the quality suit fabric. The good quality of wool fabric can retain the warmth much longer in the winter months, and let the hot air escape in the summer.


Back then, wool was not a really popular material because only the rich could afford to buy it. But not anymore. More common folks are more interested to wear the wool for daily use and commuting. In fact, it is more prevalent for the corporate premises, thanks to its anti-wrinkle properties. Many people would love to wear wool clothing for their office days.


Where to buy the best wool suiting fabric.

Buying the wool suits fabric for your new collections is a pivotal experience which can affect your business future. Therefore, the success chance is much better when working with the renowned wool suit fabric supplier. Unitex comes up as a prominent choice of the niche. The company has incredible lines of wool suit fabric products which are distinctive in the competition. Reach out Unitex now to make you and your products standing out of the crowd. Unitex could sell you the wool suit fabric by the yard. And as a professional wool suit fabric manufacturer,Unitex provies wool suit fabric wholesale service as well. Unitex’swool suit fabric mainly include super 120 wool,super 150 wool,super 160 wool, super 180 wool,and super 220 wool. They make 100 wool suit fabric and wool blend suit fabric both. Besides the wool suit fabric, Unitex makes cashmere suit fabric as well.Unitex has all types of wool fabric for suits,especially for mens wool suits. Normally for worsted wool suit, the wool suit fabric manufacturer has the best wool fabric for suits such as super 120 fabric. As an experienced wool suit fabric manufacturer in China, Unitex makes pure wool suit fabric,wool blend suiting fabric,stretch wool suiting fabric,pinstripe wool fabric and etc. And just we just mentions before, Unitex provides wool suit fabric wholesale service always. And you could also buy the wool suiting fabric by yard if you want. Unitex provides many classical worsted wool fabric for sale in stock such as super 120 wool fabric for sale all the time.

wool suit fabric wholesale
wool suit fabric wholesale

      How is the wool suit fabric made?

The wool suit fabric manufacturers produce the suit wool fabric in a certain procedures. They need to use the right raw material first. According to the clients suit wool fabric quality spec requirement, they have to use the correct raw wool material. With the correct spec raw wool material, the wool suit fabric manufacturers could make the needed Super 120, super 150,super 180 and etc yarns.All the wool suit fabric is made in worsted wool fabric workshop. It is complicated to produce the worsted wool fabric.You can see our whole production process as below photo. Normally from raw wool material to ready suit wool fabric, it will takes minimum 30 days. And Unitex is a professional wool suit fabric manufacturer in China who custom make all kinds of fabric qualities that clients need.

wool suit fabric manufacturer
wool suit fabric manufacturers


        How to order from the wool suit fabric suppliers?

Before you order from a wool suit fabric supplier, you need make sure their payment way works with you or not. If the payment methods works with you you can do the next step for product enquirey. So you need to ask the wool suit fabric supplier what is their Trade & Payment term for bulk order. 

Normally clients follow the following order steps with Unitex as below:

1.enquirey on unit price quotation or related suit wool fabrics.

2.Confirmation on price,lead time,arwork,payment term,and samples

3.signning on contract between client and the wool suit supplier

4.arranging deposit or openning L/C

5.Making mass production

6.Shipping and getting BL copy then informing clients to pay balance

7.getting feedback from clients on our service and so on

wool suit fabric supplier
wool suit fabric supplier

Clients could also take reference from the following FAQ between Unitex and clients.

(1) What’s the MOQ?

1 roll wool suit fabric of 100m/color is our MOQ, and we could negociate if clients has special requirements.


(2) Is the price negotiable?

Yes, the price is negotiable. But the price we give you is based on the cost and it is quite reasonable, we

can give discount if your quantity is considerable. And the price also has great relationship with the order

quantity and material.


(3) How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is preferential. Our company always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.


(4) If you can offer sample?

Yes, we offer samples,but clients pay the shipping cost.


(5) Are you a wool suit fabric manufacturer?

We are one of the professional wool suit fabric manufacturers in China. And we are a wool suit fabric supplier as well. we provides wool suit fabric wholesale service.


(6) What’s your payment term?

30% deposit and 70% balance against B/L copy, L/C at sight also can be accepted.


(7) Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we can. we could custom make the wool suit fabric or wool suits as per clients requirements.Besides the wool suit fabric, Unitex is a wool suit manufacturer as well.

wool suit manufacturer
wool suit manufacturer





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