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UNITEX – the expert in wool fabrics and wool related products

Welcome to UNITEX, a fabric manufacturer with many years of production experience. We specialize in faux fur, Sherpa fabric, wool/woolen fabrics, woolen yarns, woolen blankets, and wool/woolen coats. Each major product has a variety of styles.
Faux fur is a kind of plush fabric that looks like an animal’s fur. It is made of different materials, such as polyester, acrylics, etc, to achieve different quality. Usually, faux fur is used to make coats, clothing linings, hats, collars, toys, mattresses, interior decorations, and carpets. If you are interested in this kind of fabric, please contact us. Color cards of different faux fur fabrics are available here.
There are different types of wool fabrics ranging from all kinds of woven or knitted woolen fabrics, boiled wool, 100% wool fabrics, double-faced wool fabrics, melton, mohair wool fabrics, Alpaca fabrics, tweed fabrics and etc. Woolen yarns mainly cover Icelandic yarns, fancy yarns, boucle yarns, Icelandic yarns, mohair yarns and etc. Also, here you can find many beautiful and fashionable woolen coats for your outfit and woolen blankets with different patterns for your home.
The high-quality products at best price are here for you to choose. Still, we continue to update and innovate new styles according to the market’s demand and customers’ preferences. We are sincerely looking forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you.