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 Wool blanket manufacturers

The wool blanket is a blanket made of wool, sometimes wool blending synthetic fibers. It is now becoming more and more popular in the home textile market. In appearance, it has many patterns and you can choose one to match your home. That looks perfect. In terms of practical performance, it is warm and soft. There are many wool blanket manufacturers in China. Unitex is one with many years of experience.If you are interested in merino wool blankets,  just take a look at some info before purchasing. Due to natural benefits of merino wool fibers, the wool blanket has several characteristics.

wool blanket factory
merino wool blanket

Putting a woolen blanket in the living room makes your house more beautiful and gorgeous. Merino wool blanket is famous for its soft hand touch and durable working  life which is ideal for house hold life.

merino wool blanket-2
merino wool blanket-2



A good merino wool blanket is very warm and comfortable to cover on the body while you are sleeping or lying watching TV in your leasure time.

merino wool blankets
merino wool blanket



  • Decorative performance: bright color and pattern of woolen blanket have a strong decorative performance. It makes the furniture look gorgeous.
  • Air permeability: merino wool blanket has good air permeability. When you lie on it, the fibers under the rough surface can form an air flow layer, which will provide the human body with an ideal temperature during sleep. It helps improve the quality of sleep by the way.
  • Heat retention property: wool is recognized as the best warmth material because of its thermal insulation and breathable properties. In fact, it not only can keep warm but also can adjust the heat and cold;
  • Moisture resistance: wool has a tubular structure, so it can absorb the moisture in the air;
  • Good for health: The warmth, breathability and moisture resistance of wool can be very helpful to arthritis and rheumatic patients. At the same time, thick wool is rich in elasticity, and the surface of fur is soft, which can disperse pressure of human skin, especially the site of bone uplift.  The fiber gap of the fur can absorb and diffuse the sweat and oil excreted from the human skin, improving the skin’s metabolism and enhancing the ability to resist skin diseases.


  • 1,Military wool blanket  and  wool army blanket
  • military wool blanket supplier
    military wool blanket


  • 2,chunky knit blanket,wool chunky blanket, and chunky knit throw blankets.
  • chunky knit blanket supplier
    chunky knit blanket
  • 3, merino wool blanket, pure wool blanket, 100 wool blanket, and luxury wool blankets,alpaca blanket as well.
  • 100 wool blanket supplier
    100 wool blanket

As  one of the most professional wool blanket suppliers, Unitex strictly controls the product quality in order to meet the standards of countries and satisfy our customers too. And Unitex is famous in custom making military wool blanket especially and they made a lot of wool army blankets for customer over the world.

100% Wool blankets are made of pure merino wool fibers. And some wool blankets are created with a blend of wool and different materials.  A wool blanket made of 100 percent wool gives the most warmth. And a wool blanket made with a blend of wool and engineered materials – like nylon and polyester will make the price more competetive.

100 percent wool blankets
100 percent wool blanket

 Wool blanket suppliers give the following five advantages of wool blankets.

1. Normally manages temperature

Merino wool can help keep you cool in the late spring and warm in the winter. While you likely don’t consider enclosing yourself by a wool blanket in the summer, merino wool really takes in the warmth from your body and moves it to a cooler territory, which prevents your body from getting excessively hot.

and In the winter time, it does the inverse by containing the warmth around your body also.

2. Hypoallergenic

Merino wool is all-regular (and frequently natural), and unadulterated wool that is sans synthetic and infrequently causes unfavorably susceptible responses. It has even been demonstrated to help improve skin sensitivities and respiratory issues.

A few people report encountering an unfavorably susceptible response to wool. In any case, as a rule, they’re really having a response to the irritation brought about by low-quality wool or the brutal synthetic concoctions used to treat progressively traditional wool items.

3. Wicks away dampness

Wool ingests dampness and discharges it into the air. So as you sweat (which your body will do in any event. When stationary as long as you are all around hydrated), your merino wool blanket takes it in and wicks it away. Since the wool remains dry, merino wool blankets have a low possibility of form or mold development.

4. Normally fire safe

Merino wool is normally fired safe as well, so it’s a more secure material to lay down with on the grounds.It doesn’t contain harms found in fire-resistant synthetic concoctions. And it will go about as a shield in the remote possibility a fire begins close to you as you rest.

alpaca blankets
alpaca blanket


     Wool blanket of different quality

As we referenced above, it likewise directs temperature.  Since wool requires more oxygen than is regularly accessible in the encompassing air to touch off a fire, it’s hard for merino wool to burst into flames. It likewise won’t liquefy onto your skin as plastic-based synthetics do when presented to high temperatures.

As one of the professional wool blanket manufacturers in China, Unitex has several models wool blankets available. What they have is blankets from 50 percent wool to blankets made of 100 percent . Wool blankets are more costly than most different sorts of blankets. By and large, the higher the level of wool utilized and the richer the material, the higher price will be.

Military wool blankets or army wool blankets have a few uses—as a component of a survival pack, to use as open-air gear, or as delicate and comfortable tosses on a chilly night. While there are numerous sorts of wool, by and large, you need to pick a military wool blanket made of characteristic strands and made with 100 percent wool blanket.

Unitex makes Military wool blanket,100% wool army blanket, wool military blanket,army wool blanket as well as 100 percent wool blanket. Besides those blankets, they also could make wool mix blanket, wool mix camp blanket,thick wool blanket, merino wool blanket, merino travel blanket,and wool hotel blanket as well.Unitex is one of the best experienced wool blanket manufacturers for the above blankets in China.

military wool blanket manufacturers
military wool blankets


   How to place the bulk wool blankets orders to the wool blanket manufacturers in China?

First you need to choose a right wool blanket manufacturer or a right wool blanket supplier as partner.  You need to make enquiries to them to know more about the wool blanket manufacturers. You can email to them to ask what the wool blanket suppliers make?  At what percentage wool contents they mainly do with their blankets?  And also you can ask them to give you a quote for a related wool blanket. The wool blanket manufacturers will quote you in detail about the price, production lead time, delivery time and etc. If you need to do custom wool blanket jobs, you need tell the wool blanket suppliers more spec info that you have for your planed blankets. For example, if you need to custom make the miltary wool blankets or army wool blankets,  you need to provide a design draft to the wool blanket manufacturers to do sample set up jobs. Or you can send the orginal sample you have to the wool blanket suppliers directly so that they can copy more quickly and easily.

As one of the professional wool blanket suppliers in China, Unitex has a whole set of wool blanket making machines and  a professional skilled working team as well to guarrantee the quality of the wool blanket production.

wool blanket workshop
wool blanket workshop



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