Why is Unitex one of the qualified boiled wool fabric suppliers?

boiled wool fabric supplier

  Boiled wool fabric suppliers.

There are many boiled wool fabric suppliers supply various boiled wool fabric qualities now in the market and it is hard to know which brand of boiled wool fabric is better.But if you touch the fabric by hand, you will find easily the difference of the boiled wool fabrics. The hand feeling of the high quality boiled wool fabric is softer than the hand feeling of the low quality boiled wool fabrics. And you could also see the color difference from the boiled wool fabric of the different qualities. If you need to buy the boiled wool fabric, it is good for you to choose to buy from Unitex as their boiled wool fabric is of better quality than other sources. There is several reasons for you to choose Unitex to cooperate with.

boiled wool fabrics
boiled wool fabrics

         1,best boiled merino wool material.

As one of the professional boiled wool fabric suppliers, Unitex use all merino wool fiber material from Australia which is famous for Merino wool farms. The merino wool fiber from Australia is famous for its high wool fiber quality as well.  If you need to make 100% boiled wool fabric, you have to use the best merino wool. The pure merino wool quality will guarrantee the pure boiled wool fabric quality. All the merino wool material is natural and in good quality condition. The boiled wool clothing brand need to make sure that the customers feel good while wearing them, so they have to be careful to get the right fabric material from the boiled wool fabric suppliers. As one of the qualified boiled wool fabric suppliers, Unitex provides the best quality boiled wool fabric which made of merino wool materials.

boiled wool fabric suppliers
boiled wool fabrics

      2, Professional technology for yarn spinning, fabric knitting and boiled wool processing.

Besides of the best merino wool raw material, as one of the professional boiled woo fabric suppliers, Unitex has professional yarn spinning machine for yarn spinning. The advanced yarn spinning machines guarrantee the high quality fabric weight uniformity. And the advanced knitting machine make sure the fabric coming out in right quality looking.

wool yarn spining and knitting
wool yarn spining and knitting

The boiled wool fabric supplier also has the professional boiled wool equipments and fabric finishing machines for high level after treatment. All the well equiped machines facilities make sure the well production process of the boiled wool fabric suppliers.

boiled wool manufacturer
boiled wool manufacturers


        3, Unitex provides a wide sery of boiled merino wool fabric quality selection.

Sometimes,we put different wool content to make the boiled wool of different quality.  100 boiled wool is the main products in the market. 100 boiled merino wool fabric is widely used in the apparel and shoes industry.  Due to high-cost reason, people sometimes also mix the wool content with other fiber material like viscose. 50% wool/50%viscost and40%wool/60 viscose also is the regular wool content for boiled wool. 100 boiled wool fabric now is the most popular because of its super fine quality. And 100 boiled wool fabric is always in lightweight. Anyway Unitex can custom made the wool content according to clients’ requirements. Customers could find all kinds of boiled wool fabric qualities with this boiled wool fabric supplier.

100 boiled wool fabrics
100 boiled wool fabric
         4,Unitex provides boiled wool fabric wholesale.

UNitex, as one of the best boiled wool fabric suppliers in China, they provides different quality boiled merino wool for sale. You could buy boiled wool fabric by the yard from them online. They also provide the boiled wool fabric wholesale service.  As one of the experienced boiled wool suppliers, Unitex carries all kinds of boiled wool fabric collections in various quality and colors for wholesale. Customer could contact this boiled wool supplier for a boiled wool fabric catalogue and price list. Just email Unitex and you will get the right fabric for wholesale.

boiled wool manufacturer
boiled wool fabric colors


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