4 facts on how Unitex comes to be a professional wool shoes fabric manufacturer.

wool shoes fabric manufacturers

Wool shoes fabric manufacturers

Unitex is one of the most professional wool shoes fabric manufacturers in China who make and supply wool shoes fabric material. Unitex supplys merino wool fabric for merino shoes brand who make merino wool sneakers. The merino wool sneakers brands such as All birds,giesswein,EMU and other merino shoes brands. Besides the merino wool shoes material,Unitex also makes thick wool textile material for shoes and boots such as UGG shoes fabric material or UGG boot fabric material.

wool shoes fabric manufacturers
merino wool shoes fabric

   1,Merino shoes wool fabric material

Merino woo sneakers has many high performance features such as  Superior comfortable,Moisture wicking,odour resistant,Run sock free and etc.The wool sneaker are knitted with merino wool yarn or made of merino wool fabric directly. Merino shoes mainly made of knitted woo shoes fabric material which is stretchy fabric accturally. As a professional merino wool shoes fabric manufacturer, Unitex supplys different merino shoes fabric materials to meet various clients requirements. customers could custom make the merino wool shoes textile material for shoes quality performance requirements. Innovative wool shoes fabric material could also be custom made.

wool shoe fabric manufacturers
wool shoes cloth material


Unitex’s Merino Wool shoe fabric material collection features 100% Merino wool to deliver the shoes greater wool elasticity and strengthens the merino shoes to get naturally hug the foot for maximum support strength, especially during running performance and sports activities.


    2.Wool felted fabric material

While many merino shoes brands focus on light weight merino sneakers,Some wool footwear mills develop the wool felt shoes. As an experienced wool shoes fabric supplier, Unitex makes all kinds felted wool fabric material for shoes. Wool felt, a newly and innovative popular wool fabric cloth which is widely used in wool shoes industry. Wool felt shoes are a common and widely shoes now.Unitex’s wool felt fabric can be used as upper fabric and lining fabrics both. And, the wool felt shoes fabric can be made into one-piece wool felt shoes for kids’ wool shoes or wool slippers to get warm and comfortable foot feeling. As one of the most professional wool shoes fabric manufacturers, Unitex’s Wool felt shoes have various qualites andstyles such as household, casual, sports, fashion and other purposes. Most of the Wool felt shoes fabric material are manufactured from 100% natural wool. It can be one-piece felt shoes and can also be used with other materials.Unitex’s wool footwear fabric or wool slippers fabric is of soft hand touch feeling,machine washable,durable in wearing,breathable and other performance functional features.

wool shoe fabric manufacturer
wool fabric for shoes


     3.Woven wool shoes fabric material

Besides the knitted wool shoes fabric material, Unitex also makes woven wool shoes fabric material for footwear to offer an alternative to  wool shoes.The wool Shoes or wool slippers made of woven wool shoes fabric could be stable performance canvas shoes with strong heel support.

wool shoes fabric factory
woven wool shoes fabric

    4.Sheepskin wool shoes fabric material

As one of the most professional wool shoes fabric suppliers in China,Unitex also makes and supplys all kinds of lambswool fabric for shoes,faux sheepskin wool fabrics,sherpa wool fleece fabric and other UGG like boot fabric or sheepskin wool fabrics.


wool shoes fabric manufacturers
sheepskin wool shoes fabric

If you are wool shoes brands and you need to make wool shoes, no matter merino wool shoes, wool felt shoes, or Sheepskin wool shoes, just contact Unitex. As one of the most experienced wool shoes fabric manufacturers in China, Unitex is a trustable wool shoes fabric material partner for you.

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