Some stylish options for faux fur designs

faux fur jacket short coats faux fur designs

Some stylish options for faux fur designs

Fur has always been an important element of the fashion world. In the past, society people liked to wear real fur that was warm but luxurious.  Ordinary people could not afford it. With the appearance of faux fur, more and more people can afford it. Faux fur has more colors and patterns so that designers are able to get more inspiration. Faux fur designs show fashion trends. Take a look at some stylish options.

Faux fur overcoats

long faux fur jacket

The colors and patterns of the original real fur are relatively simple, but the artificial fur completely changed that. Not only does the color become clear and fresh, but also geometric patterns and prints are added to get rid of the original luxury and make the fur be more lively.


Faux fur jackets

lightweight faux fur coat

The thin fur coat gives a very refreshing feeling, and it also has a cute fluffy look. For people who are not very tall, short fur jackets are better choices.


warm fake fur coats

In the coat profile, smooth and neat lines can enhance the texture of the product, and fake fur is no exception.


Faux fur waistcoats

faux fur waistcoats fake fur

Fur waistcoats give a sense of refinement. Also, it has a casual look. Take a shirt inside, you look both casual and elegant.



In addition to faux fur jackets, a little bit of fur embellishment is actually very fashionable. You can adorn a small range of fur elements in the collar, sleeves or hem of the coat. Added to the design, simple and furry elements have the magic of making ordinary items to be upgraded in an instant.

faux fur designs accessories for clothing

Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Fur is becoming lighter and lighter. Miu Miu used ice cream-colored fur in small areas in autumn/winter 2017 collection, transferring faux fur jackets to accessories such as collars and hats.


The benefits of artificial fur

Faux fur designs are popular for the benefits of faux fur:

Firstly, the use of chemical fiber fabrics as raw materials can reduce the use of animal fur, which is indirectly protecting animals. To a certain extent, it may be able to reduce the possibility of animal extinction;

Secondly, the cost of faux fur is very low compared with that of real fur. That means it is economically accepted by people;

Moreover, artificial fur is easy to dye into any color. At this point, it can give designers more imagination and creative inspiration because real fur has limited colors. As a result, designed clothing looks more beautiful than that made of real fur;

In addition, since the raw material of artificial fur is synthetic fibers, there is no need to be as cautious as the maintenance of real fur, which means it does not need to be so troublesome. In fact, fake fur is more durable and wears well. Some artificial fur can even be washed directly with water.

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