Merino wool — good wool making good fabric

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Merino wool — good wool making good fabric

Merino wool is the wool from Merino sheep. Originally, merino wool produced in Australia is the best. At present, about 40% of the world’s merino is from Australia, followed by New Zealand and South America. It has unique fiber structure, and its special fiber structure determines its unique function. The hollow structure can absorb 35% moisture of its dry weight, so it can keep the skin dry, inhibit the bacteria and resist the odor.

As we know, fineness is the most important criterion for determining the quality and grade of wool. Merino wool is also called ultra-fine wool. Its fiber is extremely delicate. Usually, the diameter is under 19.5 microns and the best Merino wool can reach 11.7 microns in diameter, which is the finest wool quality. The fineness of Merino wool is one-tenth that of a hair, while ordinary wool is much thicker.

Features of Merino wool

Merino wool is soft, elegant and lightweight. It is suitable for some close-fitting clothing, such as scarves, cashmere sweaters, gloves, hats and etc. Compared with it, ordinary wool is harder. To some extent, this is also an advantage because it can make wool more resistant to friction and more tangible. Fabric made of this kind of wool is suitable for coats, which are very warm for winter.

Merino wool soft and breathable


Merino wool, like cashmere and alpaca, is a natural protein fiber. Since animals with these fibers are rare and the production is limited, they are relatively more expensive. The surface’s thickness of the natural fiber is thinner than ordinary wool, and the scale coverage density is smaller than that of wool. As a result, the Merino wool fiber has smooth, soft and delicate features. The clothing made from it is also very elastic, so it is very suitable for personal wear. The fabric is delicate, soft and comfortable. It not only has excellent thermal and moisture absorption functions but also has a moderate tension stretching. Due to these advantages, fabrics from Merino wool are better for use as a middle-quality and high-quality clothing, reflecting the temperament of luxury. On that condition, ordinary wool feels rough, not so delicate, and it feels itchy if fitting closely.

Merino wool and ordinary wool are both animal fibers, and there are many similarities. Therefore, common methods such as burning and chemical dissolution cannot easily distinguish them. But a professional can use the microscope to identify.

Why choose it

More and more people are choosing it to make different designs. The fiber structure determines its wide range of uses in textile industry. The price and feel of this wool are second only to that of cashmere and it is the top grade in all wool products. Most of Merino products have undergone special shrink-proof treatment, so they can be machine-washed directly. Machine washing does not affect the natural characteristics and advantages of wool. Proper care can maintain the good appearance of the clothing. Ordinary wool may not have so many complicated processes, and it is relatively easy to deform, pill, etc.

Besides its natural benefits, such as soft and breathable, it is more affordable if comparing with cashmere.


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