What is jacquard fabric

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What is jacquard fabric

The jacquard fabric is very common in our lives. You can use them to make middle to high-grade clothing and curtains, sofa fabrics and other decorative materials. This unique jacquard process can always add a brilliant color to the product. So, what is jacquard fabric? The pattern of jacquard fabrics is not an ordinary print, nor is it embroider. It is woven out of yarns. When manufacturing the jacquard fabric, we usually make use of the structure change of the warp and weft. The warp and the weft yarn interweave up and down to form different patterns, and then the surface is concavo-convex. The yarn count is subtle and the needle thread density is extremely high.

In general, jacquard fabrics have three types: woven jacquard, warp jacquard, and weft jacquard. Among them, weft jacquard fabrics have excellent elasticity when they are drawn horizontally and vertically. On the same condition, warp woven and woven jacquard fabrics have no elasticity.

woven jacquard

The woven jacquard fabric is a fabric that is woven from the warp and weft entanglements using shuttle looms or silk looms.

weft jacquard

Weft-knitting machines can make jacquard fabrics of different sizes by putting the yarn mat on the knitting needle according to the pattern requirements. The weft-knitted jacquard fabric can arbitrarily change in shape within a certain range and is suitable for various kinds of outerwear and decorative products.

warp jacquard

In the process of the warp knitting, some knitting needles do not make yarn laying or loops, but to form elongated coils.

Features of the jacquard fabric

  1. Colorful and vivid: Generally, after unique jacquard weaving, the bedding products made of jacquard fabrics will be very rich in colors and can exhibit beautiful patterns, like flowers, birds, fish, insects, and etc. You don’t have to worry about the monotonous pattern because it is concavo-convex with the three-dimensional effect. Putting such products on a bed will instantly make your bedroom magnificent and fashionable.
  2. Good quality: In general, if the quality of the cotton yarn is too bad, it is impossible to weave a molding pattern. Therefore, the raw materials are all high-quality cotton. The yarn count is about 40s. Jacquard products with high quality are more solid in texture, softer and smoother to the touch, resistant to abrasion, less prone to deformation, and less susceptible to fading during washing. It feels more refreshing and breathable when using it, which gives you an extraordinary sleep experience.
  3. The single-color jacquard fabric is a jacquard-dyed fabric. The plain fabric is dyed after the jacquard fabric is woven with a jacquard weaving machine. This kind of jacquard fabric has a unique texture with soft, delicate and smooth properties. Its gloss, drape, and breathability are all relatively good, and the color fastness is also very high. Besides, it does not pill and does not fade. Especially, its pattern of large jacquard fabrics is exquisite with distinct colors and strong three-dimensionality, while the pattern of small jacquard fabrics is relatively single.


jacquard fabric single-color jacquard

4. The multicolor jacquard fabric is a yarn-dyed jacquard fabric, which is usually woven by a jacquard weaving machine after yarns being dyed. The manufacturing process is exactly the opposite of monochrome jacquard fabrics. Therefore, the jacquard fabrics finally have more than two colors. It looks more elegant.


poly/cotton jacquard fabric


Jacquard fabric from Unitex

Jacquard fabrics have a long history of development in China. Unitex is always focusing on market demand and striving to manufacture products with good quality at the competitive price. Jacquard fabric is one of our main products. Our factory has complete production equipment. Every year we produce tons of jacquard fabrics for customers at home and abroad. You are welcome to visit factory at any time.

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