How’s the UGG boots made and who is the right UGG manufacturer?


      How’s our UGG boots or UGG like boots made and who is the right UGG manufacturer?

Unitex is a UGG manufacturer or UGG boots manufacturer who makes the boots with Sheepskin or sherpa wool fabric.Depend on client different requirements, the UGG manufacturers or UGG vendors use ther real sheepskin or suede bond wool fabric as required. The wool fur fabric quality is the same looking and touching as the sheepskin which we usded for UGG Australia or UGG usa. UGG boots manufacturer usually use this two kinds of material. For the sheepskin material, they are mainly imported from Australia.


step 1 preparing  UGG material or UGG boots material

Include real sheepskin or wool fur fabric which is made of 100% merino yarn.

UGG boot material
UGG boots material

If you choose to use sherpa wool fabric, we could use wool fur fabric bonded with suede in high quality.  All fabrics are knitted with merino wool yarn and piece dyed in different color.

The suede bond wool is in perfect quality with soft hand touching and luxury fur looking.


As a professional UGG boot manufacturer and UGG vendor, Unitex provides the UGG boots material for sell as well in case other UGG boot manufacturers or UGG factory need. We can custom make the UGG boot fabric material as per client need.

STEP 2 CUT the UGG boot material like sheepskin into the designated piece designs.

 cutting fabric pieces
UGG wholesale


boots hand sewing
hand sewing and machine sewing

Step4  Choose the right UGG boot base material

boot base materials
UGG boot base

Step 5,  Final wording process to make ready UGG boots



      UGG BOOT MANUFACTURER and UGG wholesale vendor-UNITEX.

There is a few UGG vendors or UGG manufacturers in China and Unitex is one of the best UGG boot vendors.Unitex provides UGG wholesale for so many years.

Unitex provides OEM AND ODM service for UGG boot orders all over the world. we can custom make the UGG like boots as per customer’s required color and brands. Unitex owns a professional UGG boots working team with 10 years working experience.And we have a R&D deparment with experienced boot design jobs as well.

wholesale UGG
UGG wholesale

Besides the ready boots products, we also wholesale the UGG slippers and other wool slippers.

As an experienced  UGG manufacturer, Unitex provides UGG boots for men, women, and kids. And as mentioned Unitex provides wholesale UGG boots service for long time, you can buy the ready UGG boots for resale from us directly.If you want to wholesale UGG,Unitex is one of the best UGG vendors for you.

ugg wholesale vendor
ugg boot vendors



       knowledge about Fake UGG boots or UGG imitation boots.

Since our town which is famous for UGG boots production, there are many UGG factory in this town who are making UGG boots and wholesale UGG boots with long time history. Some of the UGG vendors has good experience in making UGG boots for UGG AUSTRALIA or UGG USA. They could could make the UGG imitation in perfect quality. Then some of the UGG vendors start selling the fake UGG boots in the market.

imitation ugg boots
uggs imitation

There is different grade of fake UGG boots according to the quality and price. Honestly speaking, counterfeit uggs or uggs imitaion technology now is very mature in China. If the UGG vendors don’t tell you which is orginal and which is UGG imitation, you can’t tell it from each other at all. You can get the best fake UGG in this town, but we do recommend you buy the real one. The cheap fake Uggs amazon source is all from in this town.As to the UGG boots quality,you will find in different standard according to the price from the UGG manufacturer China.

fake ugg boots
fake uggs

You can find UGG imitation and UGG replica so popular here.But now China government  try to control this problem because of the copyright reason. But because the price of fake UGG boots or UGG slippers fake is much lower than the price of real one, People still want to pay less money to get a best fake UGGS. That is why many UGG vendors still do fake UGG wholesale now. And in fact, Many of the UGG vendors or UGG manufacturers here still wholesale fake ugg boots if they get orders.

cheap fake uggs
counterfeit uggs



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  3. Amanda Fricke says:

    My mom bought me some Ugg boots for Christmas last year. I no longer have reciept, they were a gift. They are wonderful boots and I love them. They are brand new; never been worn and in the box. The problem is I can’t wear them because when. Was trying them on the back seem busted open. I was so disappointed and they were expensive for the reason of how well they are made. I always wanted a pair and they are beautiful. It’s been almost a year and winter is coming. I’m scared to just bring these Ugg Boots to the wrong place. The tear is on the back seam looks like it would be an easy fix. To be honest I’m scared to bring them to just any old shoe repair. I know Ugg takes pride in their foot wear and I only trust your manufactures. I would appreciate if you could help me repair my boots so I may wear them this winter. It still makes me really sad and my hopes are that you can please help me. Sincerely, Amanda Fricke 612-423-8519

    • UNITEX says:

      you need ask UGG store where you bought the UGG boots to help you, we can not be of a help, sorry, because we are based in China and the shipping cost is too high for international shipping.

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