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merino wool suppliers china

 Merino wool suppliers

Do you know that merino wool fabric have gained immense popularity among the high-end designers? Well, this is one of the reasons that these merino jersey or merino wool clothing are available at all the top merino wool suppliers.

The interesting part is that the Merino wool can survive in all sorts of climates. Well, this is one of the reasons that the Merino wool has a fine micron, and it is ideal for keeping a person warm during the winters.

merino wool suppliers-11
merino wool suppliers-11

Secondly, the merino wool fiber is resilient, and machine-washable making it ideal for making merino jersey fabric. Another thing worth mentioning about the merino wool is that it has an ideal thermal temperature making it suitable for all the seasons. The merino wool suppliers will give you a complete guide regarding how you can make your favorite merino jersey using merino wool fabrics.

merino wool fabrics
merino wool fabrics

Why you should opt for merino fabric to stitch your merino jersey.

When you invest in quality merino jersey fabric, then the first thing that might come to your mind is why you should make such an investment in the first place. The biggest benefit of merino is that it is super-soft so you will be comfortable flaunting your jersey.

Secondly, this merino wool fabric is moisture wicking, and this is why it keeps you cool during the summers and provides the necessary warmth during the winters. What you worry about the most in the summers is that you do not want your jersey to develop any odor. The benefit of merino wool jersey is that it does not develop any odor because the merino wool fabric is odor resistant.


merino wool wholesale
merino wool wholesale

Now, what most people prefer is a merino wool fabric that contributes to their convenience. When you buy a merino jersey, it dries up super-fast after washing, and this is a big incentive by all means.


 Sewing your merino jersey

Most people thinking that stitching a jersey can be a complex task, but it is not the case for sure. It is quite easy to stitch a merino wool clothing using merino jersey fabric, and even a beginner can manage this process without a problem. Merino wool holds its shape quite well, so your merino wool jersey is bound to look perfect by all means.

merino wool supplier
merino wool supplier

You do not have to worry about the hems and the seams. The reason is that merino has got natural elasticity, so it gives a well-finished seam and hem also.

When you are all set to stitch your merino jersey, then make sure that you pre-wash the jersey before stitching. The reason is that the merino jersey may face some shrinking issue when you wash it for the first time.


Tips from Merino wool manufacturers for stitching your merino jersey

You do not want to damage the merino knit fabric so you will need to take some precautions in this regard. Make use of a ballpoint machine needle or ballpoint pin so that the merino wool fabric does not get damaged when you start cutting and sewing it.

Make sure that you reserve a few scraps of the merino fabric. The benefit of this practice is that you can test the machine settings and the needle also. It is essential to test the stitch with the fabric’s stretch and against the stretch also.

merino clothing manufacturers
merino clothing manufacturer

You need to keep one thing in mind, and that is both the directions of the merino wool fabric will behave in a different way, and this is why you might need to alter the machine settings. When you start sewing your merino fabric, then make sure that you do not stretch it at this point in time.

It is also crucial that you support your wool jersey fabric while stitching it. If you do not, then falling to the ground can cause the wool jersey fabric to stitch. There are times when you do not have access to an overlocker. Well, the best approach to follow in this situation is that you should make use of the stretch stitch on the seams.

You can use the zigzag stretch also when stitching the hems.

merino wool clothing manufacturers
merino wool clothing manufacturer

Once you are done with the stitching, then you have to take special care so that your merino jersey lasts for a long time to come.  Ideally, you should hand-wash the jersey. However, you can machine-wash it too, but follow some precautions. Use delicate cycles when machine-washing your merino jersey. When you machine-wash your merino jersey, then make it a point to avoid a fabric softener.

The reason is that it coats the fibers, and reduces the ability of the fibers to breathe. When you want to dry the merino jersey, then dry it in the shade so that it does not lose its color. Generally, you do not need to iron your merino jersey, but if you do, then the iron needs to have a wool specific setting.

 Follow all these guidelines when stitching and washing your merino jersey. It will remain appealing, and you will enjoy wearing your jersey.


Unitex- a professional merino wool suppliers/manufacturers.

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merino wool manufacturers
merino wool manufacturer


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