Things to remember when maintaining your lightweight wool fabric coat

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Things to remember when maintaining your lightweight wool fabric coat

Have you bought a lightweight wool fabric coat? Do you want the coat to last for a long-time? If your answer is yes, then you have to make sure that you follow the right procedure for cleaning your coat.

The maintenance of your coat is essential, especially if you bought the coat from a quality lightweight wool fabric manufacturer like Unitex. We will give you a short guideline about the process.

Cleaning your wool coat

Before washing the wool coat, the first thing that you need to do is check the tag. There are some coats that can be dry cleaned only. If the tag allows hand-washing, then you can commence with the process.

If you have a large coat which could be made of wool flannel fabric or other soft wool fabric, then make sure that you fill a bath with cold water so that the coat can fit into the sink without a problem. You need to be careful in selecting the liquid detergent. It is essential that you choose a liquid detergent that is meant for washing coats.

You should check the instructions on the bottle so that you have an idea about how much liquid you should choose for washing the wool coat. You can place the coat in the soapy water, and you should swish your coat. The best approach will be to soak the coat in the soapy water for about 5 minutes.

Next, make sure that you empty the soapy water. Try to rinse your coat with clean and cold water. Use the shower head for rinsing if you have a large coat. Now, drain the water, and squeeze your coat gently.

The mistake most people do is that they wring out the coat. The problem in this procedure is that it can damage the coat. Secondly, if you wring the coat, then it can cause the coat to stretch.

When you are done with the washing, then you should place the coat on a large towel. Try rolling the coat inside the towel. You should leave the coat in this position for a couple of minutes so that it can absorb the excess water.

The next step is also crucial, and you need to dry out the coat. For drying the coat, you can place it on a dry towel. It is also vital that you should smooth out the wrinkles, and try arranging the coat into shape.

You should allow the coat to dry at room temperature before you hang it.

There are many other tips also that you should follow to take care of your coat.

Special Coat maintenance tips

Brushing your coat

After taking off your coat, make sure that you brush your coat with a suede brush. The benefit of this practice is that surface soil gets removed from the coat.

Use plastic or wood hangers

You need to take proper care when selecting a hanger for your wool coat. The smart approach is to make use of a wood or plastic hanger. When your hanger is sturdy, then the coat does not tend to stretch the shoulder area out of shape.

Handling liquid spilling on the coat

There are times when liquids spill on your wool coat. Well, you do not have to worry about this situation. The first thing that you should remember is that you should never rub the spill. If you rub the spill, then the issue is that the spill will get pushed deeper into the wool.

Ideally, you should make use of absorbent cloth for absorbing the liquid. If the liquid has chemical or natural pigments, then you can consult a dry-cleaning company to help you out in this situation.

Go for dry-cleaning twice a year

If you want your wool coat to last long, then you should take it to a dry cleaner at least twice a year. The best time to take the coat to the dry cleaner is the start and the end of the season. It is also vital that you should store the coat properly once the season is over. Go to an expert dry-cleaner so that he can perform the task with perfection.

Store the coat in a garment bag

The smart approach is that you should make use of a garment bag to store the coat. As a result, the insects will not be able to infest the wool by any means at all. You can also add moth balls in your garment bag to protect the wool of your coat.

Lightweight wool fabric manufacturer gives the truth is that the little changes will make a difference for the better. If you follow these tips, then even your old lightweight wool coat will look good as new. It will retain its shape, and you can flaunt it with pride. Plus, you will not regret investing in a wool coat in the first place.

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