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The boiled wool coat is a stylish winter coat made from boiled wool. As the name implies, boiled wool is pure wool that is boiled to compress and shrink the fibers of wool. Boiling shrinks the wool almost 20% to 50% in size. It will make the wool appear tighter similar to felt material.

You may be thinking what is the reason behind boiling of wool as simple wool itself is excellent as a winter clothing material? The purpose of boiling wool it to shrink the fiber so that it doesn’t allow the wind to reach you and your heat leave you, thus making it even warm as compared to natural wool.

Air bubbles getting trapped in the fibers of wool when it is boiled. Therefore the boiled wool will act as a natural buffer to maintain the constant body temperature. It means that boiled wool is a material which enables your skin to breathe, so the boiled wool coat is exceptionally comfortable to wear in addition to warm and cozy.

As it is wool, you might be thinking it is weighted but the boiled wool coat is lightweight and very soft to touch, so it feels great against your skin. As boiled wool is windproof and super warm, so it is used by many garment manufacturing companies and clothing manufacturers for creating many winter clothing.

Different garment production and private label clothing manufacturers are creating a long line of boiled wool that maintain excellent shape and drape beautifully. Clothing manufacturers for small orders are designing sound windproof and water resistant boiled wool coat that is the perfect choice for your winter coats.

The boiled wool coat appears tidy and smart, so you should add the warmth of wool in your wardrobe instead of going for heavy knits. This coat is always versatile so that you can wear it on any occasion ranging from office wear to casual wear and even for usual going out to market.

You should invest in a boiled wool coat from OEM garment factory as it is manufactured from very high-quality stuff and is durable enough to last for long even several winters without fading its color and losing its shape.

The boiled wool coat is not a one-time fashion or trend as it is a timeless look. The trend remains in for years and won’t go out of date quickly. This stylish boiled wool coat can be paired nicely with an extended range of clothing that you are having in your wardrobe.

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