Double Face Wool Fabric Properties That Will Amaze You

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Double Face Wool Fabric Properties That Will Amaze You

All of us know how good wool is for the winter season. The double face wool fabric is a blessing if you can afford to buy it for yourself. When you wear it in the cold days, make you feel in heaven because the wool has properties that are different from those of leather and cotton coats. They can never compete, double face wool coat fabric.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the properties that the double face wool coat manufacturer add in them. These are quite different from other materials. We are going to share with you the three most interesting properties of these coats.

1,Mold Resistant


The best property of a wool fabric is that it does not allow stinks to take place in your coat. It keeps it clean from any outside thing that can destroy the beauty of this fabric and its ability to keep you warm. It stops the molds and mildews to stay on it, and thus keep it new and fresh for you to wear every day of your life.

2,Moisture Resistant

The moisture-resistant properties of double face wool fabric are the best property that keeps it dry and warm for the person wearing it. It is simple and easy for you to carry it in your daily routine. This material can keep balance, and even if it gets soaked in water up to 30 percent, it can still make you feel dry and warm without the problem of wetness.

3,Fire Resistant


The double face wool coat manufacturer makes it in a way that it doesn’t get fire easily. Even if the fabric is old, even then it retains a certain amount of air moisture in it, that does not allow it to burn easily even if get fire. So, this is another amazing and interesting feature of these coats.


According to experts, it does not like the fabric like double wool, because they like to stay in places that are both warm and humid for them. This is more common in other products made with other materials and thus are a source of allergy and asthma for people around the world.

6,Flexibility and Durability


The fabric of double face wool coat makes it best for use even after years of wearing them because they do not get brittle. They have enough moisture that keeps them in reshape; they are made in the initial stage. After this, they are also flexible enough to be molded for more than 20 thousand times before they are made into a simple fabric that you wear.

Well, now you must know that how amazingly the double face wool coat suppliers, supply you with the best product in the world. You should use them rather than the coats made with other stuff which is costly, as well as not warm enough to make you feel cozy in the winters.

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