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How to Wash Cashmere Wool Without Damaging it?

There is a reason why cashmere coats are popular and expensive. They are made with the finest wool ever known to man. Cashmere is a delicate material that can easily get damaged. Therefore, if you a few garments made with cashmere wool, you need to take utmost care to assure they don’t get damaged, especially while you wash them. how to choose a nice cashmere fabric manufacturer is key important.

Following, we are giving you a brief guide to help you out!

What is Cashmere and where is right cashmere fabric manufacturer?

Cashmere fabric is made with special yarn made from rare fibers of cashmere goals. These goals are found in China and Mongolia. The fibers are taken from the undercoat of these goats.

These goals have adopted the ever-changing and harsh climate of their respective region as they developed a double fleece, an outer guard layer which keeps the goat safe from water, and an undercoat later makes with ultra-fine hair. These hair have strong insulation properties.

They help keep the goat warm in winter but doesn’t get them very hot in summer.

How to Take Care of it?

Cashmere wool is rare and delicate. Therefore, it needs special care. Following, we are going to give you a brief guide on how to take care of cashmere fabrics.

Hand Wash

Cashmere can be easily washed my hands. It’s a natural fiber, and it will react better to a gentle soap and rinse instead of strong chemicals. Washing cashmere by hand will keep it look good and fell soft for a while. Following, we are giving you a five-step guide for how to wash and dry cashmere garment by hand, all this knowledge is from the cashmere fabric manufacturer from China :

  • Prep Work

Check it for any stands. You should clear the stains first. Now, lay it flat and take a cashmere comb. Bush it only in open direction. This is how the cashmere fabric manufacturer takes care of this fabric.  It will help get rid of pilings and bubbles without damaging the fiber. Now turn the thing inside out and repeat. If you need to get rid of excess fluff, you can use a lint roller.

  • The Washbasin

Warm the water a bit, 30 degrees Celsius at best. Now add the wash solution and sit (use a gentle solution). You only need a small about if you need to wash only one item. Prepare the second basic with clean water.

  • Washing Cashmere

Put the garment in the first washbasin. If you are washing more than one garment, then put the light colors first, and work your way to dark colors. Carefully swirl the thing about in the water with your hand for a few minutes. Don’t pull or stretch the whole thing. Once its clean you will need to transfer it your second washbasin. Refill the clean water to get rid of soap spuds Never rinse under the tab because it will stretch your fabric

  • Dry

Press the garment against one side of the basic and release water. Won’t wring it. Lie the garment on a large tower and roll it up starting at the bottom. Roll up both towel and garment together. Once you roll up, press it gently and release moisture. Now unroll and lie the cashmere out flat to dry off Don’t peg to a washing line or hang it because it will stretch out the fabrics.

  • Storage

Cashmere Fabric Supplier takes the utmost care when storing this fabric. They don’t hang because doing so will stretch the thing. Instead, they fold it carefully and stash it away in the storage location. You are advised to do the same. Stash it in a drawer or cabinet, don’t hang it.

Machine Wash

Yes, you can wash it by a machine. Just take care and pay attention. Most cashmere items are machine wash safe.  Following, we are giving you a three-step guide to do so!

  • Check the Label

You have to check the label of the garment to assure its suitable for machine washing. You can still avoid using a top loading washing machine.

  • Wash

Cashmere Coat Manufacturer brands put instructions on their product. Once you viewed them. You have to check the whole garment for stains and holes. You have to take care of them first.  Now turn the garment inside out. Put inside a mesh bag for protection.

You can do it alone or with similar colored knits. Prop them into the machine and add some cleaning solution. You don’t need any detergents or conditions. Choose a delicate wash cycle and wash it at 30-degree Celsius Hot water.

  • Dry and Store

You better reshape the Cashmere while it’s damp. Lay it flat to let it dry. Don’t peg it to a washing line or hang it on a hanger. It will stretch. Once the thing gets dry, you have to fold it nicely and pop it in your drawer. You can also store it in a specialist sweater bag with some cedar balls to keep it nice and fresh.

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