Woven or knitted wool fabrics

knitted fabric knitted woolen fabric

Woven or knitted wool fabrics

Knitted fabrics are fabrics that use knitting needles to bend yarns into loops and put them in series. The main difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics is that the yarns have different shapes in the fabric. Generally, we can divide knitted fabrics into weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics. Currently, knitted wool fabrics are widely used in apparel fabrics and linings, home textiles and other products. They are very popular with consumers.

The difference between knitted and woven fabrics

Knitted fabrics are fabrics connected by stitches. Knitted fabrics have good elasticity and property of moisture absorption. They are very comfortable and warm to wear. The texture of the fabric is soft, with good resistance to wrinkles and breathability. Along with the good elasticity and extensibility, knitted fabrics make the finished garment perfectly comfortable.


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The main feature of woven fabrics is the obvious warp and weft directions. When the warp and weft of the fabric are different from raw materials, yarn count and density, the fabric can exhibit different styles. Different interlacing rules and finishing conditions can also form different appearance styles. The main advantage of woven fabrics is structural stability with a smooth surface. Meanwhile, this type of fabrics does not droop when hanging, which is suitable for various cutting methods. It is usually the ideal material for making coats.


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The woven wool fabric is suitable for a variety of printing and dyeing methods. In general, printing and jacquard patterns are more delicate than knitted fabrics and felted fabrics. As a kind of garment fabrics, it has good washing fastness and can be refurbished, dry cleaned. Although the elasticity of woven fabrics is inferior to that of knitted fabrics, the latitude and longitude can be skewed when the finishing process is not good. However, due to its natural benefits, it is still suitable for in clothing.

The difference between warp and weft knitted wool fabrics

Knitted wool craft has two types: warp knitting and weft knitting.

Warp knitting uses multiple yarns at the same time to form loops along the longitudinal direction (warp direction) of the cloth. And weft knitting is looped in the horizontal (weft) order by one or more yarns.

The difference in organizational structure is that weft knitted wool fabric can be formed with at least one yarn. But in order to increase production efficiency, we generally use multiple yarns. A warp knitted fabric is a fabric that cannot just use a single yarn, and a single yarn can only form a loop-like chain.

Another difference is that all weft-knitted fabrics can be disjointed in the reverse weaving direction, but warp-knitted fabrics can not.

Knitted wool fabrics from Unitex

The strength of physical structure was once the weakness of knitted products, resulting in knitted fabric products restricted in underwear, sweaters and other inside clothing for a long period of time. However, with the advancement of technology, the performance of knitted woolen fabrics is getting better and better. Knitted wool fabrics now have a physical strength close to that of woven fabrics, and the productivity is several times over woven fabrics. Undoubtedly, they rapidly capture the market.

Today’s knitted woolen fabrics not only fully meet the specifications of the jackets in terms of physical strength, but are also unique in style and patterns, along with excellent wearing experience and productivity advantages. They are becoming a leader in the woolen industry.

Choose woven or knitted wool fabrics, that depends on your purpose and preference. Each kind of fabric has its own benefits.  Using different fabrics can make products with different styles. Designers can gain many inspirations from knitted wool fabrics.

Unitex has many years of experience in knitted wool fabric production and sales, including wool blend fabrics. Our factory has specialized knitting machines to produce good quality products for you.

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