Wool Fabric from UNITEX

wool fabric

Wool Fabric from UNITEX

UNITEX has been worked in the wool fabric, woolen fabric, wool jersey fabric and woolen fabrics for over 20 years.

wool fibers

We imported the wool fibers from different countries.Most of the wool fibers origin locates in the south of the earth. 40% raw wool fibers are provided in Oceania. Australia mainly produces the finest wool. But Australia is famous for its merino wool in the world. Australia wool is the best wool in the world. While Newzealand mainly produces the half refine wool.  And for the other countries like China, Russia, Uruguay, UK and etc, they are also wool fiber origin.Mainly We prefer to import the Alpaca wool mainly from Peru. And prefer to buy the mohair wool mainly from South Africa time by time in every year.

wool fiber


To make different wool fabric, we choose to use the different wool material.Mainly, we like to make the knitted fabrics mainly use long fiber wool. And we mainly prefer to choose short fiber wool to make the woven fabrics.


woolen yarn

Also, to spin the yarn,  different wool fibers work in the different spin method.

There are lots of kind of spin machines to spin the different yarn in yarn industry.

For example air spinning, ring spinning, worsted spinning, semi-worsted spinning and etc.

To make the wool fabric, we also have different making method.

For example knitting, weaving, none woven and etc.

woolen yarn spinning
woolen yarn spinning



Wool fibers can work with different artificial fiber to create beautiful woolen fabrics.

There are many kind woolen fabrics.

For example:

Wool/polyester, which made of wool fibers and polyester fibers

Wool/acrylic, which made of wool fibers and acrylic fibers

Wool/nylon, which made of wool fibers and nylon fibers

Wool/ cotton, which made of wool fibers and cotton fibers.

Wool/viscose, which made of wool fibers and viscose fibers.

we call the fabrics wool blend fabrics. We blend the wool fibers and other artificial fibers together to make an idea fabric we want.

Different artificial fibers have different function abilities sometimes.  For example, wool/polyester fabric is easy to dye. And the fabric cost is low. The wool-acrylic fabric is softer and hand touching feeling very good. Wool/nylon fabric looks hairier and makes the fabric high quality looking.  Wool/viscose fabric is the now most popular fabric, we call this kind of fabric boiled wool fabrics.  Because the viscose fibers will shrink sharply with the wool fibers after the hot water washed during fabric after treatment working process. In this way, the wool fabric comes out a good boiled result at last.

knitted woolen fabric
knitted woolen fabric

Anyway, before we making the fabrics, we first make the yarns with the fibers.  By spin the fibers into yarn, we then make the fabrics with yarns.

There are many types of spinning way to make different yarns. With the different yarns, we then make different fabrics.


Unitex sells the woolen fabric all over the world. we mainly make the fabric for the wholesale business. Customers place their detailed orders, we make the exact quality orders for them. Now we also retail the woolen fabric by the yard on the internet. We are also looking agent to work together for the wool fabric for sale all over the world. Each country,  we are looking for the woolen fabric wholesale partners. The market is so huge. There is big market demand for the wool fabrics. In winter, most people like to buy the woolen fabric by the yards for coats. We also keep a lot ready discount woolen fabric in stock each year because winter market potential is so huge.

woven woolen fabric
woven woolen fabric


woolen fabric

For wool fabric, there are many types.

If classify by weight, the woolen fabric include lightweight wool fabric and heavy wool fabric

People like to wear the light-weight wool coat in the autumn or early winter to make them looks cool.  While in cold winter, people prefer heavy-weight wool fabric to anti the coldness.

heavy weight wool fabric
heavy weight wool fabric

If we classify the fabrics by wool content, there are also many kinds:

100% wool fabric, 80wool/20Nylon, 50w/50p, 30w/70p and etc.

In the high-end fabrics, we have merino wool fabrics, mohair wool fabric, Alpaca wool fabrics and etc. The high contented wool, the more wool rich fabric.

mohair wool fabric
mohair wool fabric



If we classify the fabrics by after treatment during the making, there are also many kinds:

boiled wool

Knitted Wool




If we classify the fabrics by styles,  there are also many kinds such as below:

wool jersey fabric

woolen gabardine fabric

twill wool fabric/wool fabric crossword

wool fabric texture

tweed woolen fabric

wool fabric texture
wool fabric texture

Different fabric style, different coat style.


Unitex provides a huge selection of wool fabric styles and each season they have innovation development fabric design ideas.

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