Is Unitex merino wool shoes manufacturer and merino wool socks manufacturer both?

merino wool shoes manufacturer

Merino Wool Shoes manufacturer

merino shoes China
merino shoes
Merino wool shoes brands and the advantages

Allbirds wool sneakers AND Giesswein wool runners now is the famous merino wool shoes manufacturers for wool shoes. Besides of the two brands,there is another merino wool shoes manufacturer in China who could provide wool shoes OEM jobs as well. They also provides the wool fabric materials for the wool shoes mills.

Instead of merino wool fiber sourced from a farm in New Zealand mostly,Unitex chose to work with Merino wool fiber from Australia. The merino wool material from Australia is the best quality in the world. Now imagine it wrapped around your feet. This is the best shoe wearig feeling you are waiting for any way.

Merino wool fiber is breathable and natural healthy. As one of the best merino wool shoes manufacturers in China,Unitex imported a lot of merino wool material from austrilia where the best merino wool from. They have a big advantage for wool shoes making with their wool fabric strength. And they have been in  making for the wool fabric over 15 years.They also developped the best quality merino wool fabric for the footwear by the way. And the merino wool fabric they made is the best touching feeling.

Both men and ladies merino wool shoes are made in four classic colors each. And the merino wool shoes feature a lof of design elements and sustainable material as well.

The structure of wool shoes and the functional ability.

As one of the best merino wool shoes manufacturers,Unitex merino shoes’upper material is formed from boiled wool fabric which utilizes the best australia merino wool. This kind of wool fiber owns natural fiber quality concerning environmental care and social sustainability.

merino wool shoes manufacturers
merino wool shoes manufacturer

About the sole of bottom and insole of the wool shoes,it is a proprietary blend of rubber. And the EVA foam polymer which could reduce a lot staple usage and weight.Since there’s no leather at all to be found, the shoe’s carbon footprint is minimized. And the excellent design simplifies the labor cost involved.

merino wool sneakers china
merino wool sneakers

Wearing merino wool on your feet has taken on an completely new meaning in recent years in the world. it isn’t just your socks or your sweaters which made of the superfine merino material. It is now your merino shoes too.

There are many reasons for you to have a pair of merino wool runners. It sounds strange and fresh to wear your foot with sheep’s hair but there are obviously a lot of reason and benefits to wear merino wool shoes. The merino wool shoes is extremely light and soft. The wool shoes give your foot a comfortable breathing feeling during walking in the street.

Moreover, for the eco-conscious requirement, wool fiber is a totally natural material. Becasue it is sustainable, it doesn’t require the utilization of synthetic material within the manufacturing process at all.

Further more, because of the wool’s natural properties, it’s capable of regulating your body’s temperature naturely. Instead of being stuck in hot, sweaty, smelly shoes all day, you will have your feet breathed with right fresh air. And the pair of wool shoes you wear could maintain a certain stable temperature always.

Merino Wool fiber owns natural moisture-wicking and antimicrobial tendencies.It allows you to wear your shoes without socks even. And merino wool sneakers or wool runner from Unitex could be cleaned or washed directly in the wash machine. The merino wool shoes from them is really easy caring.

wool shoes manufacturers
merino shoes manufacturers

The merino wool shoe utilizes the newest fully-fashioned knitting technology. It means the shoe is knitted to its final shape which reduced the quantity of wastage related to regular cut-and-sew techniques. This innovative design also enhances wool’s natural breathability. And the technology allows for seamless design features like breathable panels.

Features of Merino wool runners:

Superior comfort

Using the newest fully-fashioned knitting technology. wool footwear is often knitted to its final shape which reduced the quantity of wastage related to regular cut-and-sew techniques.


Wool fibers can absorb large quantities of moisture vapor then allow it to evaporate.This helps keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool.

Odor resistant

In contrast to synthetics, Merino wool can absorb large amounts of moisture vapor which suggests less sweat on your foot. Merino wool even absorbs and locks away the odor molecules from sweat, which are only released upon washing.

Run sock-free

Professional design and manufacturing method enhance wool’s natural breathability. This allows a seamless design for the whole merino wool runners or wool sneakers including a breathable sole.The sole could keep your foot dry and comfortable.

merino shoes manufactures
merino shoes manufacturers-2

Unitex’s merino shoes are made for men and ladies and are available in several catchy colors like moss and mint. They’re also designed to be worn without socks. Unitex offers two styles:merino wool sneakers and merino Wool Runners.  As a professional merino wool shoes manufacturer, Unitex can make merino shoes same quality like all birds, Giesswein and other merino wool shoes brands.They also could custom make the merino wool slippers and sheepskin slippers as well. As one of the best merino shoes manufacturers in China, Unitex is a good wool shoes manufacture partner for you always.

wool slippers manufacturer
wool slippers manufacturers

Merino wool is indeed the right material for the summer as well. Get your feet within the perfect summer material with a pair of our favorite wool shoes both wool sneaker and wool runner from Unitex.


OEM jobs from  wool runners manufacturers or wool sneakers manufacturers

unitex is the best professional merino wool shoes manufacturer partner for you. They could custom made wool shoes as per your requirement. And they also provide merino wool fabric materials which might be required to make merino wool shoes. You can custom make the merino wool fabric  and boiled wool fabric as per your own quality requirement of your wool shoes.

merino wool fabric for wool shoes

merino wool shoes fabric
wool shoes fabric

.Unitex provides merino wool fabric in different wool content:100% merino wool, 85%wool/15nylon and etc. And unitex have boiled wool fabric in stock in different colors. As a experienced merino wool shoes manufacturer, Unitex could give you whole process service from merino wool fabric to ready wool shoes making.

All wool fabric material for wool shoes could be custom made with Unitex. Heavy weight merino wool fabric and light weight wool fabric for wool shoes material are both available.



Besides being the merino wool shoes manufacturer, Unitex also is one of the best merino wool socks manufacturers in china as well.

custom merino wool socks
merino wool socks.

The merino wool socks Unitex  make includes Merino running socks, merino walking socks, merino hiking socks, merino hunting  socks,merino ski socks and etc wool socks.

wool socks manufacturers
wool socks manufacturer

The advantage and strength of the merino socks

SOFT & THICK : merino wool socks is super soft fuzzy inner and stylish outer design, It’s very thick, soft, breathable, warm and comfortable, no intching issue. It’s a perfect socks for anybody.

WARM & COZY :  merino wool socks could be custom made with your own design, High elastic fabric and soft touch features will make your feet more comfortable, and the fuzzy inner design will make your feet feel easy all the day.

merino socks manufacturers
merino socks manufacturers

FIT MANY OCCASIONS :  merino wool socks are suitable for many situation, you can wear them as cabin socks, office socks, school socks, hiking socks, outdoor socks, sport socks, indoor socks, home socks, heavy socks, thermal socks, thick socks, warm socks, work socks, knit socks, crew socks, heavy duty socks, boot socks, christmas socks in Spring, fall, winter season or in any cold weather or snow areas!

merino wool socks manufacturer
wool socks manufacturers

Unitex also custom make merino wool socks for smartwool merino socks,Icebreaker socks,Bridgedale merino socks and other famous merino socks brand. we make best merino wool socks include mens merino wool socks,kids merino socks and merino wool socks women. Merino wool socks are mainly weared for outdoor sports activity. SMARTWOOL is famous for their merino wool hiking socks, merino wool running socks,and merino wool ski socks. Beside those, they also have merino wool cycling socks,merino wool running socks ,merino wool walking socks and merino wool hunting socks as well.

Besides the merino wool sport socks above,Unitex also makes merino wool dress socks,merino wool work socks,merino wool boot socks, and merino wool toe socks as well. For lightweight wool socks, Unitex developped merino wool socks summer sery.

merino wool socks manufacturers
merino wool socks manufacturers

As one of the best merino wool socks manufacturers, Unitex makes a lot of pure merino wool socks and woolen socks for winter and could custom merino wool socks as per your requirements.

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