Take a look at woolen blanket

woolen blankets for home

Take a look at the woolen blanket

The woolen blanket is a blanket made of wool, sometimes wool blending synthetic fibers. It is now becoming more and more popular in the home textile market. In appearance, it has many patterns and you can choose one to match your home. That looks perfect. In terms of practical performance, it is warm and soft. There are many woolen blanket suppliers in China. Unitex is one with many years of experience and strictly control the quality. Since you are interested in woolen blankets, take a look at some info before purchasing. Due to natural benefits of wool fibers, the woolen blanket has several characteristics.


woolen blanket decoration for your home

Putting a woolen blanket in the living room makes your house more beautiful and gorgeous.


woolen blanket for your bed

A good woolen blanket is very warm and comfortable to cover.

Advantages of woolen blanket

  • Decorative performance: bright color and pattern of woolen blanket have a strong decorative performance. It makes the furniture look gorgeous. Fur entering the home has become a modern fashion;
  • Air permeability: woolen blanket has good air permeability. When you lie on it, the fibers under the rough surface can form an air flow layer, which will provide the human body with an ideal temperature during sleep. It helps improve the quality of sleep;
  • Heat retention property: wool is recognized as the best warmth material because of its thermal insulation and breathable properties. In fact, it not only can keep warm but also can adjust the heat and cold;
  • Moisture resistance: wool has a tubular structure, so it can absorb the moisture in the air;
  • Good for health: The warmth, breathability and moisture resistance of wool can be very helpful to arthritis and rheumatic patients. At the same time, thick wool is rich in elasticity, and the surface of fur is soft, which can disperse pressure of human skin, especially the site of bone uplift. The fiber gap of the fur can absorb and diffuse the sweat and oil excreted from the human skin, improving the skin’s metabolism and enhancing the ability to resist skin diseases.

Classification of woolen blankets

  • Shearing blanket: The overall hair is fine and even, with uniform hairiness, good hand feels and good elasticity. The appearance patterns of the good shearing products are vivid and clear, with bright color matching. Gently grasp by hand, you will feel very soft and comfortable. The higher wool content, the better quality will be.
  • Lambskin blanket: it has natural hair peaks, loose wool, smooth hair surface, delicate hand feel, and is easy to comb. The color is bright and the pattern is concise and natural.
  • Leather blanket: The overall wool of the high-quality skin-shaped blanket is fine and uniform.

As a professional manufacturer of woolen blankets, Unitex strictly controls the product quality in order to meet the standards of countries and satisfy our customers.


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