How to anti the corona virus and how to order medical masks from China?

medical mask manufacturers china

How to anti the corona virus? Mecial mask manufacturers advice as below:

With the corona virus spreading the world, the problem and situation becomes worser. Seems the whole world can not stop the corona virus spreading?

we are very sorry and angry to see the the corona virus keep killing the people and threating the whole humanity. We need to do something to protect ourselves and our family, relatives and our friends.

corona virus problem
corona virus

The scaring point of corona virus is that it could enter your body very silently without any body feeling. The corona virus could be anywhere around us. If somebody infected by corona virus, he or she may feel good as before for many days.But the corona virus inside their body could transfer to you easily. That is really making all of us scared. As a Chinese, we experienced the who process from the corona virus starts, rise, getting serious, reaching extremely serious time  and now in control of on the way to a end here.The obvious progress fact is,  in our province which we are located, there is no people newly infected for almost 2 weeks. Yes, what you read is correct: Zero infection for almost 2 weeks till now.



what I can tell you to help you is only one word and you try to understand this one word: Isolation


Brave to be isolated is what I want you know. You have to believe this will protect you. This is the key point how the China fighting the corona virus.  Regarding how to fight the corona virus, what we can do is very limited. Because we do not have right valid medicine or vaccines at all. All we can do is just wait for god’s decision if somebody infected with corona.  So China’s strategy is finally made:  Isolating the conora virus infected body from the healthy body. Based on this principle, everybody knows that China quick blockade the wuhan city . And later they again blockade the whole hubei province due to worser situation. Maybe you think it invades the human rights of people, but this policy do get understanding from all chinese.Lives  of most healthy people have to be considered and saved. And you can see the isolation strategy exsit on different level of people’s lifes. They blockade the safe area from the corona virus threaten areas. They blockade the small city or the village if they think necessory. Very big and exhausting job they did, but the strategy works.

WEARING A right disposable mask always.

3 ply disposable mask or medical mask or N95 mask is the best tool to stop you from the Corona virus. The main way of being infected by Corona virus is breathing infection. Short distance air breathing infection is the main way for corona virus to reach you.  Yes someone said washing handing is more important. but in my view, air breathing infection is key important that we must pay attention to. Watch the news, many people get infected during the flight,in the train or the boat.  How they infected? they all touched by the infecting guy?  No way!!!   So air breathing infection is the key point to be cut off to stop the corona virus. So when you go out, Wearing a N95 face mask, a disposable medical mask, or a disposable surgical mask is very necessory if you are responsible for yourself.

disposable medical mask
medical mask 


How to get the medial masks?

The problem is all the world now is short of Medical mask. How can people in Europe or America peoples buy the disposable medical mask successfully?

if we check in Amazon, the medical mask, 3ply disposable mask or disposable face mask all sold at extremely high price. This is not correct but the fact is the whole world is in big shortage of medical masks. In china, when the corona virus happens, the medical mask suppliers or the medical mask manufacturers stock werer run out in one day and have no medical mask for sale for certain days

Goverment bought all disposable masks out from the medical mask manufacturers or from the surgical mask manufacturer for hospital use first. Becasue docotors need the disposble medcial mask much more than the ordinary people as well as the medical protective clothing. Some hospital work staff even stay in the medical mask manufacturers or surgical mask manufacturers factory every day just waiting the dispoable medical mask production at sight.

KN95 face mask

During the passed year end, due to the shortage of dispoable medical mask, Thousands of new surgical face mask manufacturer or disposble face mask manufacturer are set up in short time in China. But due to high population of China, the disposable medical mask are still in shortage. But the good news now is that today we can buy the disposable medical mask sucessfully from the medical mask manufacturers or surgical mask manufacturer because the corona virus situation getting better in China. Some surgical mask manufacturer or medical mask manufacturers can export to the world with the surplus disposable medical mask or N95 mask. How to contact the right medical mask manufacturers for right medical masks in quick delivery?


Medical mask manufacturers china and medical mask supplier china.

Unitex is a professional dispoable mask manufacturer in China.As a surgical mask manufacturer and the experienced one in the medical mask manufacturers, They can provide surgical n95, disposable medical face mask, medical mask with filter, 3 ply face mask and disposable surgical mask. Beside those, the surgical mask manufacturer  also provides disposable medical mask, disposable dust mask, disposable respirator, 3 ply surgical face mask, n95 disposable respirator, disposable respirator mask, 3m disposable respirator and etc.

mask workshop
medical mask workshop

if you try to locate a trustable medical mask supplier china  or a surgical mask manufacturer china, just contact UNITEX for a quote. They could guarrantee a quick delivery and a competetive price to help you. Besides the disposable mask, they also provides medical protective clothing, tempreture scanner, disposable gloves as well as disinfection spray.

temperature scanner


Anyway wearing a medical mask or N95 face mask, if not, at least wearing a 3 ply disposable dust mask is the valid isolation way to keep the corona virus from you. God will bless the people who are prepared always.

So my advice for anti-corona virus is just simple: Stay at home as long as you can, leave the crowd as far as you can,  if you have to go out, just wear a disposable mask.If you have problem in buying the medical mask, just contact the medical mask manufacturers China.


N95 mask manufacturer China and ffp2 mask suppliers china.

For better grade disposable mask, you need contact the N95 mask manufacturer china or ffp2 mask suppliers china. But there is not many N95 mask manufacturer in China due to the strict production quality required system. Production process of N95 mask is not like production of disposable face mask. The production of disposable face mask capacity is much bigger than the production of N 95 mask or the KN 95 mask. The production capacity for N95 mask or KN95 mask is low. Due to the huge world requirements, the N95 mask manufacturer china is working day and night now to work out as more quantity as possbile. Due to the shortage of the N95 mask, many buyer agents come  to the N95 mask manufacturer china at site.And try to get more proportion from the ready mask orders. so If you need buy the N95 mask, you must have a reliable partner agent in China to help you.  And you really find a reliable N95 mask manufacturer China.

N95 mask manufacturer
N95 mask


surgical mask manufacturer and medical mask manufacturers China.

Surgical mask quality is the most strict standard for making. As a surgical mask manufacturer China, Unitex now could provide 500000 pcs disposble face mask a day. And we can provide 50000 pcs disposable medcial mask a day as well. If you need medical mask manufacturers China as your partner .Or you need to have a medical mask supplier china partner, just contact Unitex.

And below photo is on how wear the mask correctly.

disposable mask wearing method
disposable mask wearing method


Workshop view of a reliable Disposable mask manufacturer china

Below is the photo of our disposable mask manufacturer china workshop.

disposable mask manufacturer workshop
disposable mask manufacturer workshop

Anyway, Unitex, the disposable mask manufacturer china is ready to work with you to Anti-corona virus all over the world. God bless we all. And you really need a  disposable mask manufacturer china partner to work with. They can help to guarrantee the quality and delivery time. Even if you need find out a N95 mask manufacturer or a medical mask supplier china for better quality mask, you can still contact Unitex to custom make for you. It is hard to contact the medical mask suppliers china all to get to know get what you want. That even will make things complicated. If you need disposable face mask urgently, just contact UNITEX,  the trust worthy disposable mask manufacturer china.They will give you one stop solution.

disposable mask manufacturer workshop2
disposable mask manufacturer workshop2






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